Hi-S Cal Laser Label – AX Series

  • Product Summary

    This material, designed for laser beam label creation, utilizes a two-layered film system. The laser removes the top layer, allowing information printing on the visible second layer. With a laser marker device, it enables simultaneous information printing and label shape cutting, facilitating on-demand production. Ideal for authentication, nameplates, and labels for precise process management and manufacturing history recording.


  • Features

    Durability 5-year
    A label material with excellent durability, suitable for use in both indoor and outdoor harsh environments.

  • Sizes


  • Color Palette

    Hi-S CaL AX7416M … Black w/ White
    Hi-S CaL AX7S40M … Silver w/ Black
    Hi-S CaL AX7140L … White w/ Black

  • Additional Information

    Various authentication labels, nameplates, process management labels, and barcode labels.