Nikkalite™  EF-40801 F-Cal Premium Protective Overlay Film (F-Cal)

  • Product Summary

    Nikkalite EF-40801 (F-Cal) is a Premium Protective Overlaminate designed to offer the extremely high quality UV and Graffiti Protection for traffic signs and Graphic applications. With outdoor expected 10-year durability. F-Cal has become an industry favorite for protecting against the damaging rays of the sun and vandals. It is easy to apply and offers the ability to simply wipe off permanent markers, easily remove spray pain from its surface as well as take off stickers from its surface.

  • Features

    Pressure sensitive Film
    Excellent UV protection
    Unbeatable solvent resistance
    Expected 10-year Outdoor Durability

  • Sizes

    48″ x 50Y
    36″ x 50Yd
    30″ x 50Yd
    24″ x 50Yd

  • Color Palette

    Clear Transparent film

  • Additional Information

    Apply the Premium overlay to the surface of
    Nikkalite reflective film and to the surface
    printed signage and graphics